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Heck or High Water

Problem: Access to properties in distress following Hurricane Harvey.

Situation: We have a National contract with this company and were “expected” to perform and assist with our Emergency Response Team.

Hurricane Harvey made landfall and produced copious amounts of rainwater flooding all major thoroughfares in the Houston Metropolitan area.  We had a particular property that could not be accessed due to the fact that all roads into the property were covered with water and we were told were impossible to pass.  Steve Rossey drove a truck and trailer loaded with equipment from Atlanta, Georgia all night through the remnants of Hurricane Harvey as the storm moved East from Houston.  He found one road that only large tractor trailer rigs were getting through on that was just blocks from the property that needed assistance.  

Due to the additional weight of the trailer and equipment, Steve would not have been able to pull the trailer through the water.  He applied a creative solution to the unique problem and elected to disconnect the trailer from the truck on the dry side of the road and drove his truck through the high water….water was coming up into the floorboard of the truck as he slowly navigated to the other side.  Once he was across to the other side, he met with the property manager that was trapped on the opposite side of the water, inspected the property, assessed the extent of damage, and was able to get back across the water using the same technique before the high tide returned trapping him as well.  He hooked the trailer back up to the truck and traveled in the wee hours of the morning to his hotel to get some well-earned rest.