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Project Description

Not IF, but WHEN you need us

Problem: Property Loss in High Rise Building on Christmas Eve.

Situation: We have a National contract with this company and were “expected” to perform and assist with our Emergency Response Team.

As team members were finalizing their shopping lists, prepping for Christmas day feasts, singing Christmas Carols, preparing for Santa Claus to come down the chimney; a skyscraper in downtown Orlando had fire sprinklers go off due to a fire that was started by a portable heater that was left on accidently. The sprinklers went off on the 6th floor and gravity took over causing extensive damage on the 6th floor and multiple floors below. On Christmas Eve, we assembled a team that began extracting water and mitigating the damage so that the businesses that were directly impacted in that building were able to continue their operations the very next day. This required expertise in managing the equipment, power supplies, demolition, temporary climate controls, security as law offices and investment banking companies were impacted, etc….

Our Responsiv team worked through the Christmas and New Year Holidays and demonstrated our depth and breadth to this client. We have continued a mutually beneficial relationship with this client since that event….which was the FIRST time that they had ever called us!